Initial Idea

“You have woken up to find yourself alone….no-one anywhere to be found.”

The brief is to make a diary entry as though you are “the last person on earth”. I decided the first thing to do was to create a background behind what had happened to the rest of humanity. I didn’t want to use the typical cliches of zombies, war, natural disasters etc. so I went for the man made distraction of vanity.


Humanity is dying out because of our own vanity. Scientists produced a pre natal treatment, called CTB136, which is designed to create the “perfect” looking child/human. The product appeared to work perfectly; until around the 3rd generation of “perfect” humans. The stronger the potency of CTB136 in the humans, the weaker their internal systems got. This lead to organ failure and the life expectancy to drop dramatically to 19 years-of-age. The human race slowly and painfully killed themselves off for beauty.


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