Images/Shot Lengths

I will be using the shot length to enhance the atmosphere of the scenes and to give the audience a sense of the emotions felt by the characters.

Scenes 1 threw to 7 will use extremely quick image transitions. As a result this with almost give the appearance of moving image. I hope this will make the scenes quite glitchy and give the sense of panic.

My inspiration for this transition came from a youtube video,, by Visual Suspect. In this video he took such closely timed photos and fast cuts that the sequence of still images almost gives the appearance of a video. His total frame speed was approximately 711 frames per minute, which I am hoping to achieve in my video. I felt that the fast erratic motion of the photos connoted an unnerving vibe to the video which I am also hoping will translate in the opening of my video.

Scenes 8 to 10 will have the longest images to pair with the soft, intimate, atmosphere of these scenes. This will connote the idea of time standing still.

Scenes 11 to 13’s photo length speed will be in between 1-7 and 8-10s length, as the scenes have movement unlike 8-10, but not as fast or erratic as 1-7.


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