Final Logo

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.44.44 PM

I decided to use the Phoenix logo as it ticks all the boxes for what I wanted my logo to signify. The simplicity of the Phoenix and my chosen font connotes professionalism as it isn’t overly complicated and is too the point. Despite being professional, it is also interesting and unique. None of the logos I looked into used flames in their logos that will make mine stand out.

The main reason behind me using a Phoenix as my key feature was because I wanted my logo to represent me, my background. As the Phoenix is Coventry Universities logo I decided it was a good way to represent where I learnt my key skills in production. The flames not only represent the Phoenix, but also my passion for media.

If this logo were to be animated I would keep it very simple. The screen would start black, then the logo would fade in with the flames softly flickering.


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