Step-by-Step Plan:

My plan for what website I will use in my Web 2.0 Storytelling and what I will show/do on each website.

YouTube: A clip of a girl singing a cover song.

YouTube Comments: Fox will comment saying “I love your voice! I’m a big time producer and would love to get in touch with you. What’s your e-mail?” Crow: “OMG!! NO WAY!! It’s”

Yahoo Mail: Fox: “Hey, so glad you gave me your e-mail. I’ve written an original song and really want you to come in for a demo. Your voice would be perfect for it. Hope to hear from you soon.” Crow: “That would be awesome! I’m not sure though, I don’t think I’m good enough.” Fox:  “How about you add me on fb and we can have a more informal conversation about it”

Facebook Messenger: Fox: “You shouldn’t feel nervous about singing the demo, you’re voice is amazing” Crow: “You’re just saying that 😳” Fox: “I’m really not! You’ve got one of the best voices I’ve ever heard” Crow: “Stop it, you’re making me blush” Fox: “No, your’e an amazing girl, you’re beautiful and talented. You’ve got great potential” Crow: “Okay… if you really mean all that… I guess I’ll do it” Fox: “You won’t regret it!! I’ll send you the details.”

Google Maps: Find where the studio is.

The train line: Book a train ticket to the studio.

Instergram: Post a photo of the sound booth (loads of hash tags; #soundbooth #singing #amazing #dreamscometrue #girl #b/w #fame #london  #weljel #bejealousbitches #luckiestgirlalive)

Facebook Messenger: Crow: “how was the singing?” no reply Crow: “hello?” no reply Crow: “I CAN SEE YOU’RE ONLINE?!” no reply Crow: “I guess I must have been really bad” no reply Crow: “:(” no reply Crow: “…”

Youtube: Another girl “singing” the demo Crow sang, but it’s Crow’s vocals.

Twitter: Crow: “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME! I’M SO FUCKING ANGRY! thought my dreams were finally coming true 😡😞💔😭” #dreamsdontcometrue A shot of the moral of the story. “The flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him.”


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