Needed Clips

I’ve come up with the vital visuals from each scene I feel are essential in bring my Ariel story together effectively. I have also thought about sources which I may be able to find these visuals in (movies, ads etc.) and made notes of these sources and/or specific scenes I feel will work effectively in bring my story together.

First Glimpse

  • A man walking on the beach, either with a dog, or a separate clip of a dog on a beach.
  • A girl with only half her face showing above the water. [Americas Next Top Model]
  • A man staring out too sea.
  • A mermaids tail disappearing under the water. [H20]

The Tale of the Mermaid

  • A prince and king having a heightened discussion. [Game of Thrones]
  • A prince storming out of the hall/throne room. [Merlin, BBC]

The Voyage

  • People/crew boarding the ship. [Pocahontas; Opening scene]
  • Two men talking at the Helm of the ship. [Pirates of the Caribbean]
  • A men looking deeply out to sea at the Bow of the ship

Under The Sea

  • Kingdom under the sea [The Little Mermaid]
  • Two girls talking about boys/gossiping.
  • Two girls arguing.
  • Mermaid swimming away

The Meeting

  • Mermaid or front half of a girl swimming.
  • Long shot of a lone ship
  • Girl/person swimming next to the ship.
  • A man shouting down to someone, could be from a balcony?
  • Two separate clips of a girl looking shy and a man smiling/looking lovingly towards something.

Together Forever

  • A girl and a man sitting intimately on a bed together
  • People looking at a fish tank [Romeo and Juliet;when they first see each other]
  • A mermaid looking scared [Aquamarine; when she’s trapped in the pool] 

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