Discuss the Relative Merits of Social Media Versus Trans Media when Publicising a TV Show.

There are many merits for both social and trans media when its comes to publishing a TV show; both are very effective marketing tools. However, which is the most effective tool for marketing in this day and age?

Social media is a very large platform, around 65% of adults are thought to use social media and growing, which makes it a very effective strategy to publicising TV shows. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow not only TV publications to share new information about their shows, but also allows the general public to share their thoughts about TV shows and share what they are watching. Henry Jenkins, author of the book and theory ‘Convergence Culture’, looks into how social media has allowed everyday people to become predictors in some ways. Due to the general public being able to comment their thoughts about programs on social media, TV companies can gain access to these views and use them to their advantage.

Being able to see what their audiences think of the shows they are publicising allows the production company’s to target their shows specifically to what will attract the majority of their audience; which in turn will keep their shows going for longer. Also, by having people on social media discussing the shows they like creates intrigue in their social media friends and follows, meaning they could look into the show more. The TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ has created a lot of social media traffic, especially for the new series. Despite a large amount of this being memes and GIFs, these all raise awareness for the show and push the public to keep on top of the newly released episodes due to fear of spoilers. I know for me personally, and my friends and peers, social media has influenced many of the TV shows I watch.

Social media relies wholly on the general publics thoughts on the shows and their knowledge of them; if people aren’t aware of a program they won’t share posts about them. This is where trans media becomes an effective tool for publicising a TV show. Trans media can be used to target a specific target audience by having advertisements during the intervals of similar shows or audiences, which means that the TV show promotion with be shown to those who would have an interest in the show. However, the large majority of television channels only promote shows they have produced themselves; E4 for example. This means that people my like a show, but not have knowledge of it due to not using the TV channel that produced it. Alternate to advertising to a specific audience trans media can also target the general public threw billboards and posters which can be put up in a variety of locations, the most used locations would probably be places like train stations; where a lot of members of the public will view them. Although trans media is very effect at advertising to a large number of people, its doesn’t necessarily reach those who the TV show would be targeting and people may also not pay attention to the posters, adverts and other promotion techniques.

After weighing up the merits of both social and trans media I have come to the conclusion that, due to the use and popularity, social media is the most effect tool for publicising TV shows.


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