CTB136 Review

I decided to add an introduction to give some context into how the world ended. As the voice over referred to how “Media everywhere was forcing their image of what men and woman should look like upon society” I decided to use footage from the media, such a magazine covers and workout videos. I also insured that I used materials that featured both men and woman, as body image affects both.

I decided that, other than the voiceovers and ambient sounds, I would not use any sound tracks or effects. I made this decision as I feel that it would give an eerie atmosphere to the footage.

Originally I wanted to use my own footage to go over the voiceovers. Unfortunately I was not able to do this because when I went to taken them there were too many people around to get enough clips of “abandoned” streets.

As a whole I am very pleased with how CTB136 turned out, and if I had time I would have made the slight alterations of using my own footage for the diary voiceover.


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