Personal Reflection on the Module Overall


I was really pleased with all the logos I designed. The graffiti logo was bright and eye catching but I felt the logo didn’t stand out enough. The two nature based logos were aesthetically pleasing, yet were too calm and tranquil for the message I wanted to convey. The Phoenix logo on the other had had everything thing I wanted. The Phoenix has a personal connection, as it is where I go to university and have learnt and am learning my media skills, and the flames are very eye catching and connote the pride and passion I have for my productions.

Task Two worried me the most as I wasn’t confident in my ability to be able to make a coherent story line using clips from other productions. Despite this initial concern I am very pleased with my final project. Although I am not completely happy with the final scene, it doesn’t affect my overall opinion of the production as it was my first time making a mash up video and I am proud of that.

My web 2.0 video was very effective and coherent, telling the story of The Fox and The Crow clearly. Sticking with the singing storyline gave a clear connection to the fable but with a modern twist.


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