Ariel Review

Over all I am quite happy with my end project. However, I did find it difficult to portray a whole new storyline using clips from a wide range of different medias. For the majority of the production I stuck quite closely to my needed clips list. I made a few very slight alterations; in the very first scene I couldn’t find a clip of a man walking on the beach with a dog, so I just used a clip without a dog. For The Tale of the Mermaid scene I used a continuous clip from Merlin, which covered both clips of the argument between the Prince and King, and the Prince storming off. For this scene I altered the clips, which formed a segment of conversation between the Prince and King that I feel suited the storyline effectively.

The only scene that deviated from the Needed Clips list was The Meeting. This was mainly due to not being able to find the clips I had planned to use. Rather than having the Mermaid swimming next to a ship, I used a clip from Pirates of the Caribbean, which had the Mermaid sneak up on the Prince. This actually worked in my favour as it very clearly showed the reactions of the two characters. I also remembered the scene from Oblivion, in which Tom Hanks is talking to Andrea Riseborough at the poolside. When I found the clip I realised that the script between them also worked really well with the storyline, so I used it in my production.

The only part of this production that didn’t work as well as I would have hoped was the final scene, Together Forever. Although I found all three clips I needed to make this scene, the storyline that the Prince has actually trapped the Mermaid in a fish tank to attract other woman into his room was not made clear. If I were to go back to this project I would insert another clip or segment of speech that would clearly depict the fact that the Mermaid had been kidnapped.

When I started to edit this project I was undecided about what sounds to use and whether or not to use speech. I chose to use The Little Mermaids iconic song, Part of Your World. I felt this gave a clear connection to The Little Mermaid and that my project was an adaptation of this movie. The song also fitted really well with the clips and atmosphere of the production; with the different emotions, such as happy and sad translated in the song. Initially I didn’t want to use speech in my production. However, without the speech I don’t feel that the plot was very clear, and when I found clips with speech that suited the plot I decided that the production needed speech.


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