The Fox and The Crow Review


I am very happy with how this project turned out. Due to creating a detailed plan, including shots and the script, I was able to create a clear storyline. The only part of my plan I deviated from was the Instagram post. I wasn’t able to use this web site as you can’t post photos from a laptop, so I wouldn’t be able to film it, instead of using Instagram I had to reuse Twitter.

If I had more time, and possibly a budget, I would have found a singer and an original song to use in my production. I feel that one down side to my production was that it wasn’t very clear that the girl (Taylor Swift in my video) was lip syncing Aria Crowes song. To fix this I would have found my own singer and filmed her recording an original song in the sound booth, then I would use another girl to lip sync this original song.

I feel that I portrayed the fable “The Fox and The Crow” quite effectively. Using singing as my main story line enforced the original fable, as The Fox was try to get The Crowe to sing so she would drop her food. I also used Fox and Crowe as the surnames of the characters to make it very clear whom they were portraying. By putting the online version of the fable as the end clip I allowed people who may not have heard of the original “The Fox and The Crow” to see where the inspiration for my production came from.


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