RUN Review

I am very pleased with the majority of RUN. The only change I would make to the footage would be the opening, where you see the lone shoe throw the door. The image length ii far to short and barely notice it. Also the brightness of the shoe is too dark without enough contrast, which makes it hard to see the shoe. This is probably due to the poor quality camera which didn’t pick up the images outside the room as the room lighting was to bright. To improve this I should have put a light outside the door. If I had access to one, I would have used a better quality camera. However, I really like the fact that the images of the Girl are blurred as it gives the effect of movement and panic in a still image.

I originally wanted to record my own sounds, which would have provided more realistic sounds to match my footage. Unfortunately I didn’t have access to high enough quality sound recording equipment, which meant that the sounds I recorded had static. Instead I had to use sound effects from I am pleased with the sound effects I found and the placement, particularly the sound effects of the gate. I am very happy with the heaving breathing and footsteps of the first half of RUN and the transition to the second have, when the second girl is introduced. However, after looking back at this production I do feel that I used to much laughter in the second half. It worked well for the introduction of the second girl and for when the girls walked back to the house, but was not effective for the 360° shot. For this I feel I should have used ambient sounds like bird to create a calmer atmosphere, as the idea behind the 360° shot was that they would be frozen in time, calm. Which I don’t feel was put across in the laughter.

I wanted to keep the relationship of the two girls ambiguous, so the audience could feel more related to them, create a relationship that would give the audience a more personal connection to the characters. Which I feel I portrayed well.


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