I am going to use a voice over during the opening to give context and a voice over so the audience know what the diary says.

“Society was plagued by the need to be perfect.Media everywhere was forcing their image of what men and woman should look like upon society.This unhealthy need for perfection created many mental health problems, everyday people feeling they weren’t good enough, perfects enough.Scientist created a new pre natal treatment, CTB136, which was designed to create a “perfect” human race. But it backfired. The formula slowly weakened the human body with every generation, slowly killing off the human race with their own vanity. Only a handful of people refused the treatment, my ancestors. Now I’m on a mission to explore the dead world, looking for survivors.”13535661_583685405145720_1154598237_n13535637_583685378479056_121525955_n13530233_583685358479058_2079909169_n


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