What have you learned from your experiences on the module and how will it enhance your employability in the future?

I learnt quite a bit threw out this module. Task One really helped me to improve my Photoshop skills. I have used basic Photoshop skills in the past, but creating the logos really helped me hone down my skill base. I learned how to layer, change the diameters and manipulate the images, delete and edit one section of an image at a time and many more. Creating the logos also taught me how to subtly convey meaning and ideology threw images. I can transfer these skills to my productions, to navigate the audience’s views. Being able to use Photoshop will enhance my employability in the future as it adds another skill set to my resume. Even if Photoshop doesn’t get me into the career I want straight away, it will get me the experience I need to boost my career.

When making the video for Task Two, it taught me that I had to be prepared, that I needed to have a very clear understanding of the project I was tasked with and the out come I wanted. I also learnt had to be creative and open-minded in order to find a series of clips that would effectively portray the story line of my script. These would really enhance my employability, as I now know to be open minded and flexible in order to get round issues, to create the best production possible

Task Three taught me that I need to make my productions my own, put my own spin on it. I learnt this when I was trying to recreate The Fox and The Crowe with out simply just copying the fable exactly. This will help me with my future prospects as putting my own spin on my productions will help me to stand out.


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